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New Freightliner Trucks

Freightliner South Africa Freightliner is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Daimler AG and was introduced into the South African market in 1995. The Freightliner's rugged looks, combined with its reputation for efficiency and dependability changed the face of trucking in South Africa. At the time of its local launch, it was the first brand to introduce electronic engines, ABS and cab air-conditioning as standard. This set the tone for its continued leadership in terms of safety, ergonomics and performance. Freightliner lives up to its brand slogan – running smart in whatever it does!

New Freightliner Models

Argosy  Columbia   

Why a Freightliner Truck?

Freightliner trucks sold in South Africa have the flexibility to serve a wide range of industries and commercial applications due to its range of heavy and medium duty options. It has become the vehicle of choice for long-haul trucking.

Whether it's an Argosy, Century Class or Columbia model, with Freightliner innovation and technology in your employ, your business can be assured of: Top performance

• Maximised payload
• Exceptional fuel economy
• Ease of maintenance
• Lower overall cost per kilometre
• Long-term reliability
• Industry-leading safety.

Stretching its flexibility even further the Freightliner comes in a choice of Detroit Diesel or Cummings engines.,br. In Detroit Diesel-powered trucks, the use of turbo compounding and common rail fuel injection allows your business to achieve unmatched engine response, superior fuel economy and outstanding emissions levels. Both Detroit Diesel and Cummings engines will give your business the edge with industry-leading power and performance.

The touchstone of the Freightliner brand is the constant innovation in developing ever better components and systems. This makes the Freightliner the truck of choice for advanced transport technology.

Freightliner is one of the few truck brands offering its own in-house finance, insurance and maintenance contracts, giving the customer the convenience of one-stop-shopping.

RUN your business the SMART way: Freightliner gives you everything you need to deliver your service or goods safely on time, every time and at the best cost.

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