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New Peugeot Trucks Having engineered over five million light commercial vehicles, Peugeot's involvement in the commercial vehicle industry speaks for itself. Built using premium quality materials that are rich in recyclable carbon waste and equipped with fuel-efficient Diesel engines, the Peugeot van and utility vehicle line-up offers individuals and their businesses a reliable source of transport with which to carry their goods.

New Peugeot Models

Carefully designed down to the smallest detail, the Boxer was built with just one purpose in mind: to be a modern, innovative, working tool. Peugeot Boxer Overview The Peugeot Boxer is classed as a large panel van which is also available in other variants, such as minibus and high tops to name but a few. This vehicle is produced by the French manufacturing company PSA Peugeot Citroen Group. This van is also sold as the Fiat Ducato and the Citroen Relay, as it is produced at the same factory, with almost identical vans but for a few changes made by each manufacturer. The diesel engines for the Boxer are well refined and good performers and this is a more expensive version compared with the Citroen Relay. What do you think of this version compared with its sister versions, the Fiat Ducato and Citroen Relay? Peugeot Boxer History The first generation (1994-2006) Peugeot Boxer was a quality designed van which came in a few different engine choices. These engines were pretty good economically, and all complied with Euro 3 standards. This van was available in many different variations and was available to customise, to meet the requirements of the user. In 2003 this vehicle had a makeover which mainly affected the front grille design as well as a few other exterior changes. The second generation (2006-present) is the current version in production and was brought out in 2006. This version is slightly larger than its predecessor and the weight loads were increased, with up to 4 tonne weight load. Again there were new engines added to the range, improving economy and performance in the process.