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Mercedes-Benz Trucks For Sale

There are numerous variants of trucks to meet any market need, from the lightweight Mercedes Atego, to the mid-range Merc Axor distribution rigid and tractor unit to the top weight Mercedes Actros.


Mercedes-Benz South Africa opens TruckStore in Centurion
Highway Business Park ‐ TruckStore, the used commercial vehicle specialist from Daimler has been launched by Mercedes‐Benz South Africa (MBSA) in Centurion, Gauteng amid great anticipation and enthusiasm . MBSA is the first market performance


Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks World Premiere of the New Generation Unimog and Econic


Mercedes-Benz launches the Econic for the Delivery Sector in Europe
The new Euro 6 Econic is easily recognizable with its lowered cab and its modern design. This new Euro Mercedes-Benz truck reaches the requirements of the new norm without losing any useful load. Innovative design, Euro 6 motorization, wide range of chass

A truck with a design from the new Mercedes-Benz range
The similarities of the new Econic with the rest of the Mercedes-Benz range are rapidly seen. The modern design of the lowered cab draws the attention. The new radiator grill, the resistant bumpers a


First pictures of Euro-6 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van revealed
Mercedes-Benz has once again shown its hand early, leading the way for Euro-6 vans with the launch of the new Sprinter.

The new engines will meet the future Euro-6 emissions standard, due to come into affect 1 September 2014 for the production of all n

Power outputs will remain the same, with four- and six-cylinder engines producing between 95hp and 190hp.

Changes to the radiator grille, with a more vertical position and perforated slats, bring the face of the new Sprinter into line with the Citan ci


Re-designed 2013 Mercedes-Benz Unimog Debuts
STUTTGART, Germany 15/08/2013

The re-designed 2013 Mercedes-Benz Unimog debuted on Friday with an eye toward greater fuel efficiency.

The 2013 Unimog is relatively tame compared to the over-the-top Unimog concept that debuted two years ago. The Unimog concept, which celebrated 60 years of Daimler production of the iconic vehicle, featured radical styling, a fully exposed chassis and ove


MBSA targets more BRT projects
The delivery of the first of 134 Euro V buses to the Rea Vaya Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project this week was -only the beginning-, Mercedes-Benz South Africa (MBSA) VP for commercial vehicle sales and marketing Kobus van Zyl said on Thursday.

MBSA, part

The company also plans to pitch its latest series of efficient buses to other emerging public transport projects.

South Africa currently has several BRT projects under way nationwide, including in regions such as Rustenburg, Pretoria and Cape Town.


Mercedes SLT range, new Actros and Arocs for exceptional haulage.
Especially made to insure heavy loads, the new Euro 6 Actros and Arocs from the Mercedes SLT range [Schwertlasttransporter, meaning `heavy-duty vehicle`] are now available for sale.

The new Mercedes Actros and Arocs are equipped with new Euro 6 OM 473 engines. They develop 460kW. The basic chassis is 33t. All axle combinations are possible, from 6x4 to 8x8.


Mercedes Semi Hauls 200+Ton Mining Dump Truck Like a Boss
Mining trucks, those giant, building-sized dump trucks that make the human beings operating them look like Lego mini-figs, can weigh hundreds of tons-the mighty Caterpillar 797B tips the scale at a mind-blowing 308 tons-and many of its contemporaries weig

Diesel Power magazine, in a 2008 article on the world`s 10 largest dump trucks, points out that these vehicles massive dimensions generally call for them to be shipped to work locations in pieces and then assembled on site, as they`re nigh impossible to t


The Truck that Thinks for Itself
Vehicles that think for themselves-for many this might sound like a futuristic, space-age fantasy.

For those in the know, this concept is already a reality in products on the market from top commercial vehicle manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz Trucks.


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