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Mitsubishi Trucks for Sale
Mitsubishi Heavy Fuso Truck division has been bought by Daimler, owners of Mercedes-Benz, which means that the range of ultra-lightweight and economical Mitsubishi Fuso trucks can be sold new through the Mercedes commercial vehicle dealer network.


New version of the Mitsubishi Fuso Canter 4x4
With its new 4x4 version, this 6.5t GVWR commercial vehicle will be appreciated in the most difficult areas. The Fuso Canter is a chassis-cab on which you fit a bodywork, it is manufactured by Mitsubishi. It is available in 2 different cab widths (small a

New Fuso Canter characteristics

The new version of the Fuso Canter 4x4 will allow the driver to access roads that are usually difficult to drive on. Its chassis was made to look like a U so the vehicle body builder can easily equip it. Two wheel bases


FUSO unveils `Super Great V `
Needs percent less fuel- the real champion in long-distance transport

FUSO `Super Great V `developed to deliver `more mileage with less fuel`



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